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To know where the name came from you have to know a little bit about their history. TankWorx started as a big dream in a small apartment. Veteran husband and wife team, Kai and Hali, wanted to share their love and knowledge for firearms with the community. In the military, you go by your last name and first initial, hence TanK.


Kai started his passion for firearms at a young age, and it developed through out his military career. He has worked on many platforms including AR, AK, Glocks, M240, Rem 700 and many more, his favorite being ARs. Hali liked shooting in the military but was always interested in something a little heavier than the M16 the Army issued. The first time she shot the Rem 700 it was game over, and she wanted to be a part of the industry as well. As a team they came up with TankWorx Armory to educate, collaborate, and share with the community their passion for firearms and accessories.

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